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Do you want to know how people are selling their properties faster and for top dollar?
Written by Tim Wadsworth on April 20, 2020
Anyone who has sold a property without hiring an Elite Staging Company before knows that it can be a daunting, sometimes frustrating and drawn-out process….....
Selling a house can feel like a nightmare.......
  • What if the property does not appeal to most buyers?
  • ​What if you can’t secure a good buyer quickly? 
  • ​What if you have to drop the price? 
  • ​What if the competitive properties look better?
  • What if your property or listing does not sell? 
  • What if no one sees it? ​
  • ​If you are a real estate agent, how much time, money, fuel and energy will you lose on futile attempts to sell a listing that is just not marketable? How many market dollars and future business are you willing to sacrifice? 
  • ​​If you’re an investor, how long will your funds be tied up and unavailable?
Of course, there are steps you can take to make the process smoother... 
However, all too often people count on luck to sell their listings,
but YOU do not have to! Preparation is the key to success, NOT luck!

When you hire an Elite staging company through The StageHub
you will be setting the stage for buyers to fall in love with your property! 
Dressing up your house or listing to impress its 1st date with a buyer will only ensure that it stands out from the rest and look the best! One way to guarantee your property gets the price it deserves and  Attract the right type of buyers is to team up with an ELITE home staging company to dress your house up for the part.
You see your Property is the Lead Actor in your play. 

To ensure that your property or listing receives raving reviews, it needs to get dressed to impress the audience. In this case, the audience refers to as the potential buyers previewing the property online or in person. 

How would you feel if you showed up to watch a dramatic play on stage expecting the actors and set to create a feeling only to have it appear to look like a dress rehearsal where the actors are in sweat pants with no color, lighting or decor to peek your interest. 

Would it keep your attention for very long? Would you pay $500 a ticket or a mere $5 per ticket or anything at all? 

Well, this is how buyers feel when they preview properties. 

The houses which are dressed to impress for SUCCESS are the ones that make a Profitable 1st impression! They will certainly generate more and in most cases higher offers - sometimes even OVER asking price! 
For the unaware, home stagers take an empty, cold or tired-looking property and make it look warm, inviting and stylish.
You might be asking yourself, "How is this accomplished in such a short amount of time?" Well, an ELITE Stager from The StageHub knows how to “Set the Stage” to ensure that your property  is ready for “Showtime!” 

They do this by strategically placing furniture, hanging impact art on the walls, mixing in a variety of textures, studying the demographics of your area, incorporating the psychology of color, adding dramatic decor and so much more!

What is the main reason to go through all this effort? 1st impressions really do count! Psychologists have verified that a first impression is extremely hard to shake. 

We’ve all met people we instantly dislike. So, imagine the same thing but with a property that can’t really do much to win you over once you’ve decided against it.
The First impression of a staged home emotionally sticks to the buyer throughout the buying process...
You are probably asking yourself, "How how does this happen?" 

Well, the 1st impression starts with what the buyers see with their eyes, then it travels to their hearts where the feeling tugs at their heartstrings and within seconds those feelings are transmuted inside their minds. 

They are able to envision living inside the property where their imagination begins to run wild and that is how they decide which property feels right to purchase. Everyone makes purchases based on a feeling. Staging ignites THAT feeling and connects the heart to the mind which says, BUY NOW!  

It’s also been shown that empty, cold, naked properties make prospective buyers uncomfortable on a subliminal level and do not have a scale point of reference. 

So, for all investors, real estate professionals and homeowners who need to sell quickly, the research would suggest you will sell faster and for a higher price with a well-dressed inviting home.

Buyers who visit Staged homes will linger longer which means they will remember how they felt inside "their new home." They will carry that feeling inside them throughout the buying process. 
If you want to sell your property faster, achieve a higher price and have an overall less stressful experience, then we suggest dressing up your cold, naked properties to impress buyers for their big debut date! 
If you live in the property or have existing furniture, our Elite Stagers can help you by sprinkling and mixing in beautiful items to create a show stopper which will allow your property to shine online!

The StageHub is a marketplace where you choose from Elite Stagers who are amongst the most trusted and experienced staging companies. Contact The StageHub where they will matchmake you with an Elite Stager who meets your needs, budget and location.
“Verbena Court is in escrow! Staging was a success! We really appreciate it! And best of all, sellers loved the "after" photos and believed staging made the difference in getting a quick offer. Buyers appreciated that the home was turn key and staging made the difference with their buying decision.”
– Jen P.
Make your property or listing Stand out from the REST and look its BEST by
contacting The StageHub. 
You can benefit just like our 11,000 customers by following these simple steps:
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2) Enter your contact details.

3) One of our ELITE Stagers will call you to discuss your project.
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